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Virtual Myofunctional Therapy

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The mouth is the entrance to the body and a window to overall health. It reveals much of what is happening beneath the surface. Orofacial myofunctional therapy is a drug-free exercise plan that can help you breathe, sleep, and even live, better. I will teach you personalized techniques designed to retrain your oral and facial muscles to achieve proper oral rest posture. My purpose is to help you reach maximum wellness and quality of life by collaborating with a team of professionals to ensure you get the comprehensive care you need. 


Browse the FAQ, check out my About Me, reach out with questions, and follow me on social media! Let's work together to reveal your true potential and your optimal health.

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"Aside from Sara being a wonderful person, I appreciated that my entire program felt customized for my specific needs. I also loved having access to everything from the orofacial myo assessment, the individual session plan exercises, to the progress pictures. I often revisit these documents to remind myself of how far I have come and to get a refresher on the different types of exercises."
"Sara literally took away this debilitating pain from my jaw and gave me the confidence to open up my mouth again, which is so crazy to say, but it's true, and it's so amazing."
"Sara not only worked to give me the knowledge and tools needed to succeed with myofunctional therapy, she helped me understand the next steps I needed to take in my journey. She took daunting tasks and helped me coordinate them in a way that was suddenly manageable. I have never felt so believed and understood. My pain was real, there were real causes, and something could be done about it."

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Virtual Myofunctional Therapy

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