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Sara Mercier, RDH, BS, MAS™ 

Thank you so much for being here! I'm Sara and I am a Certified Myofunctional Airway Specialist and Orofacial Myologist. I first had to have a dental hygiene education, license and "RDH" credentials before I was able to take a course to become a myofunctional therapist (orofacial myologist), but I am not practicing dental hygiene or using my dental hygiene license when working as a myofunctional therapist. Myofunctional therapists collaborate with a team of providers who are licensed to diagnose and treat conditions that arise from the poor oral rest posture that myofunctional therapy is designed to correct. It truly takes a village!


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, or "Tongue Thrust Therapy" as it was previously called, is very personal for me. I suffered from a tongue thrust for most of my life and dealt with the consequences of it going untreated. After practicing as a registered dental hygienist for 8 years, I decided to dive deeper, further my training, and learn to help myself and others like me. 


I received myofunctional therapy as a child before I got braces. The therapy was not catered to my needs, my airway and sleep were never assessed, and my health care providers never identified my posterior tongue tie. I have since unfortunately suffered from health problems and taken many medications to cover up the symptoms. In 2022, I had my tongue and lip ties released and started expansion and orthopedic therapy with the SOMA appliance to address the root causes of my issues. I'm a patient just like you who knows how the airway medicine world works from the inside out.

I know my story is not unique, but it is what has driven me to help myself and my clients get the care needed. This means speaking with other providers to get the best possible results and providing clients with options. As your health team, we are all treating the same body and the same human. Communication between professionals is key. I expand on this more on my 'just cause' mission page. 

If you are looking to find the root cause of health problems and looking to stop using bandaids to mask them when possible, I am here to help you on that journey in any way that I can- the way I wish someone had done for me 30 years ago. I would be honored to be your myofunctional therapist and your overall wellness advocate. Take care and be well.


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When I'm not helping people with their mouths, I love painting nails! I'm very left-brain focused, but I can do nail art for hours and hours. If I wasn't a dental hygienist myofunctional therapist, I would probably be a nail tech.


I love reading and listening to audiobooks. The Harry Potter series will always be my favorite, but I also love thrillers and murder mysteries. 

Teeth, Tongues and True Crime is my slogan.

I have 2 cats, Roscoe and Charlie. I'm a third generation Las Vegas native. and now live and work remotely in Rome, Italy with my cats and fiance. I love the city but do miss the desert dry heat in the summers. I have great local recommendations if you ever find yourself in Roma!

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