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19 yr old male

Progress after 1 session of myofunctional therapy and a functional frenuloplasty. Client can lift his tongue to the roof of his mouth for the first time in his life.

Here is an after photo, with clear beautiful skin. 2.PNG

43 yr old female

Progress after 4 sessions of myofunctional therapy. Tongue tone has improved and deep fascia has been exposed that was previously hidden and could have been missed during a functional frenuloplasty.

IMG_7168 2.jpg

25 yr old female

Progress after 8 sessions of myofunctional therapy and a functional frenuloplasty. Before treatment on the left, after on the right. Tongue tone, control, and jaw  stability greatly improved.

3C036C08-9DE3-486D-88C0-0F3F24A7FF2E 2.JPG

25 yr old female

Progress after 1 session of myofunctional therapy. Deep fascia is being exposed.

23 Year Old Female

Progress After 12 sessions of myofunctional therapy, a tongue tie release, and myobrace orthodontics. Client presented with daily headaches, TMJ pain, bruxism, and neck/shoulder pain. Client reports full recovery from all of her symptoms following treatment and completing her myofunctional therapy program.

*Results shown are NOT guaranteed as every person is different. Please see our Terms of Use and Disclaimer Below for more information.

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