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Collaborative Health Services

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I want to build a network with other health-centered service providers & practitioners so that, together, we can help our clients and patients reach maximum overall wellness. Together we can provide individuals with comprehensive care and a network of professionals aligned with the same goal in mind- To inspire others to reach their maximum health, quality of life, and fulfillment potential through education, service, and advocacy.

We don't know what we don't know. I want to work collaboratively with providers such as doctors, dentists, ENT's, speech language pathologists, orthodontists, allergists, registered dietitians, chiropractors, physical & occupational therapists, kinesiologists, sleep specialists, and more. The list is endless because we all have knowledge that is necessary to treat each person holistically. Every body system is connected, and therefore one cannot be systemically healthy until all body systems are working optimally. 

I hope you are inspired and see the new and endless world of possibilities this interdisciplinary approach can bring to the people who trust us with their health and ultimately, their quality of life. This is HUGE. Let's do this- let's think and work together, infinitely.

Let’s Work Together

Virtual Myofunctional Therapy

Tel: 702-751-4977

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