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The Full Story

My "Just Cause"

Inspired by Simon Sinek's book, "The Infinite Game", I decided to change the name of my "Vision" to my "Just Cause". My Just Cause is the ideal world that I want to live in. It's a future I want for everyone- one that I think every human inherently deserves. I want to work with and work for people who also find my vision of the future to be a just and worthy cause to work toward, infinitely. It is a goal that is ultimately unattainable, but one that is so important, we will dedicate our time, energy and lives attempting to achieve.

My Why

"To inspire others to reach their maximum health, quality of life, and fulfillment potential through education, service, and advocacy."

"I imagine a world in which all health-centered providers ethically, purposefully, and selflessly collaborate and advocate for the holistic care and education that each person inherently deserves, and in so doing, no aspect or condition of a person’s overall mental and physical health is left unexplored or ignored so that each person can reach their highest quality of life potential."

My Just Cause

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